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D: Plato Tips für Weller® WTCPL, WTCPN, WTCPR
WTCPS, und WTCPT Lötstationen mit
TC201T Lötkolben

E: Plato Tips to fit Weller® WTCPL, WTCPN, WTCPR
WTCPS, and WTCPT Soldering Stations with
TC201T Soldering Iron Handpiece

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PTA C-3039
PTB C-3040
PTC C-3036
PTD C-1016
PTE C-1017
PTF C-593
PTH C-3100
PTJ C-3865
PTK C-3043
PTL C-3044
PTM C-3102
PTO C-4223
PTP C-462 c2r.gif (44494 bytes)
PTQ C-5101
PTR C-1021
--- C-4794
PTS C-494
PTT C-4309
PTX C-9100
PTZ C-983
PTAA C-5139
PTBB C-5143
PTCC C-5141
PTDD C-5142
--- C-0601
--- C-0551

* Dargestellte Groesse nicht massstabsgetreu

Tip Drawings Are Not Actual Size

 Bei Bestellungen von Plato® C- Typen immer den Temperaturwert laut nachstehenden Daten angeben!

Be sure to add temperature indicating number to Plato part number when ordering Plato® C-Tips.® Use chart below, completing the part number by adding as the final digit one of the following numbers:

6 (600ºF/315ºC)  7 (700ºF/370ºC) 7.5 (750ºF/399ºC)
8 (800ºF/425ºC)  9 (900ºF/480ºC)

The Plato 7.5 (750ºF/399ºC) temperature sensor is available on all C-Series Tips. The use of no-clean fluxes has introduced the risk of premature detinning of solder tips when exceeding temperatures of 750ºF/399ºC. To maximize your tip life, use Plato 7.5 Temperature Sensor when using no-clean fluxes and substantially reduce your risk of premature detinned tips. 

Indicated temperature ranges are nominal and will vary according to style of tip, condition of iron, manner of use, and other variables. All dimensions are shown before tinning and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.

All points are 1/32" thick unless otherwise noted.
Tip samples available.
Custom tip designs on request. ( ) = mm

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