Plato® Tips to fit Weller®
W60P Soldering Irons
Weller® Plato® 4c1.gif (29604 bytes)
CT5A 4C-3241
CT5B 4C-3242
CT5C 4C-3243
CT5D 4C-3244
CT5E 4C-1080
CT5AA 4C-5192
CT5BB 4C-5193
CT5CC 4C-5194
CT5DD 4C-5195

*Spitzengröße nicht im Massstab! Tip Drawings Are Not Actual Size

Unbedingt Temperaturwert angeben!
Specify Temperature indicating number.
Complete the Plato® part number by adding as the final digit one of the following numbers:
6 (600ºF/315ºC)
7 (700ºF/370ºC)
8 (800ºF/425ºC)
9 (900ºF/480ºC)

Indicated temperature ranges are nominal and will vary according to the style of tip, condition
of iron, manner of use, and other variables.

All points are 1/32" (0.8) thick unlessotherwise noted. ( ) = mm
Tip samples are available, Custom tip designs on request.
All dimensions are shown before tinning and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.

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