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Soldering Iron Holders and Tip Wipers

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Plato® Soldering Iron Holders and Rotating Tip Wipers are designed so the soldering iron can be removed from the holder and the tip wiped on the sponge in one continuous time-saving motion. Heavy double spiral wire construction protects the operator and provides an inner spiral to retain the soldering iron securely. A bell shaped mouth guides the iron when it is being placed in the holder. Other features include heavy duty plated construction and non-skid feet. Holders fit most irons to 60 watt size.

Patented rotating tip wipers cleans tips -- without detinning -- to assure clean, uniform solder joints. Rotation of the sponges during cleaning causes residues to drop into the base, keeping the sponges clean. Rotation also keeps the sponges uniformly wetted and prevents cratering and gouging. The heavy non-corrosive, non-skid porcelain base provides a large water reservoir and eliminates rusting and corrosion -- a severe problem with metal bases. CS-7 Replacement Sponge Sets fit all tip wipers shown.

Make your soldering area efficient and safe with
Plato® Soldering Iron Holders and Tip Wipers.

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 TWH-444  H-100
 TWH-444-2  TW-555

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