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Plato® - Brush Scrub Bottles
Handy 2oz (59ml) polyethylene, solvent dispenser with scrub brush provides an inexpensive method to spot clean PCB assemblies.
Plato No. Applicator
Brush Type
General Application
SB-2N Nylon Bristle Medium stiffness, for general flux removal.
SF-B2HS Soft, Natural Horse Hair
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Soft to medium stiffness, durable and works well for flux removal and general cleaning. Combination of static dissipative jacket and natural material meets MIL-STD-2000 (J-STD-001B).
SF-B2HH Stiff, Natural
Hog Bristleesd.jpg (5158 bytes)
Medium to stiff bristle that works well for removing difficult, sticky, crusty, or viscous materials. Combination of static dissipative jacket and natural material meets MIL-STD-2000 (J-STD-001B).
Plato® - Brush Scrub Bottles are packed 10 per box.


Replacement Brush Assemblies
Plato No. Brush Type  
SB-N Nylon Bristle  
SB-HS Soft Horse Hair  
SB-HH Stiff Hog Bristle  
All replacement brushes are packaged 10 per pack and come assembled and ready to attach to your existing Plato® - Brush Scrub Bottle.

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