Plato® SMD-FLOW Spitzen für Pace®,
Weller®, OK® Industries Löt-Stationen
The Plato new and improved SMD-FLOW tips have a solder well in the face of the tip to retain solder and simplify SMD solder and repair. Install PLCC's & SOIC's efficiently in seconds at minimal cost. The tips are designed to offer the operator ease of operation, speed and accuracy. Try® the new Plato SMD-FLOW tips in your Hakko®, Pace®, Weller® or OK® irons. The Plato® SMD-FLOW tips fit these soldering irons.

39a.gif (14100 bytes)
Weller® WTCPC / WTCPN, WTCPR / WTCPS, WTCPT Soldering stations with TC 201T handpiece C-0551-7.5* 39a2.gif (15848 bytes)
Weller® EC 1002, EC 2002, MC-5001, DEC-1000 used with TC 201T Handpiece EW-0574
OK Ind. SA-100 with SAI-640 handpiece HS-0530
Pace® SP-2A andIR-70 Soldering Irons
(similar to Pace®
# 1121-0490)
*Other temperatures available -6, -7, -8, -9 added to the part # to signify 600ºF, 700ºF, 800ºF, and 900ºF.

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Plato® SMD Löt-/Entlötspitzen
100%ig austauschbar!

Component Type Discrete  39b1.gif (1583 bytes) SOT  39b2.gif (1708 bytes) SOIC  39b3.gif (1895 bytes) Any Component
Manufacturer Designation
0805 1206 SOT-23 SOT-143 SO-8 SO-14 SO-16  
Nominal Component
Size (Length x Width)
Blade is
.400" (10.2)
Plato® Tip Style Fork Fork Tunnel Blade

Plato® No.

Plato® No.

Plato® No.

Plato® No.
Plato® No. Plato® No. Plato® No. Plato® No.
Weller® WTCP Series With 800ºF/425ºC Currie Element CSM-0805 CSM-1206 CSM-23 CSM-23 CSM-8 CSM-14 CSM-16 CSM-5588
Weller® 1002, 2002, MC5001 used with EC-1201A Soldering Iron EWSM-0805 EWSM-1206 EWSM-23 EWSM-23 EWSM-8 EWSM-14 EWSM-16 EWSM-5588
Hexacon® Therm-O-Trac® CHSM-0805 CHSM-1206 CHSM-23 CHSM-23 CHSM-8 CHSM-14 CHSM-16 CHSM-5588
Edsyn Loner® CL1080, CL1180,900,902,910,920,
ESM-0805 ESM-1206 ESM-23 ESM-23 ESM-8 ESM-14 ESM-16 ESM-5588
3/16" (4.8)* Plug Style Hexacon®, Pace® IR-70, American Beauty®, Esico®, etc. 33-0805 33-1206 33-23 33-23 33-8 33-14 33-16 33-5588
1/4" (6.4)** Plug Style Hexacon®, American Beauty®, Esico®, & Others 44-0805 44-1206 44-23 44-23 44-8 44-14 44-16 44-5588

* Hexacon 26S, 1520, 4422, or 22A; American Beauty 3110 or 3120; Esico 9300 series.

** Hexacon 24S, 1524, 4423, or 23A; American Beauty 3112 or 3114; Esico 9400 series or 4000 series.

39b4.gif (7498 bytes)

39b5.gif (7169 bytes)

39b6.gif (7009 bytes)
39b7.gif (6551 bytes)

How to Select the Proper Tip to
Fit Your Soldering Iron
Example: To use a WTCPR soldering iron to desolder
14 pin SOIC's order Plato No. CSM-14.
The adapter is supplied with each tip you order.

39b8.gif (3793 bytes)

Tip samples are available, Custom tip designs on request.

All dimensions are shownbefore tinning and are subject to manufacturing tolerances. ( ) =mm

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