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Platoshear 170 SMD
  • Schneidet perfekt feine SMD-Anschlüsse, feine Spulendrähte zB 0,05 mm und ähnliches!
  • Maximale Schneidefähigkeit: 0,6 mm
  • Eingebaute Sollbruchstelle schützt gegen Absplittern bei Überlastung!
  • Kopfbreite max. 7,6 mm
  • Schneidet Superleicht!
  • Antistatic-griffe!
  • Öffnungsstop POS-I-STOP™
  • Cuts SMD Leads as close as 0.040" (1mm) center to center.
    - The Platoshear 170 SMD has been designed to cut copper wire as large as .025" (0.6mm).
    - The low profile and "cut away" oval head (0.290"/7.6mm) allows for precision cutting in restricted areas.
    - An extra means of operator safety is incorporated in the Platoshear 170 SMD with our exclusive *SAF-T-LINK™ handle which is designed to bend if the tool is overstressed.
    The Platoshear 170 SMD incorporates all of these features:
    • Plato unique shear action - requires 50% less operator effort
    • Ergonomically designed-lightweight (1.7 oz./48.2grams)
    • ESD grips (permanently static dissipative)
    • Shearing action transmits less shock to sensitive components
    • POS-I-STOP™ feature maintains constant return dimension
    • Meets MIL STD 2000 (J STD-001B)
    • Hidden Return Spring
    • Made in USA                            

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